For this project, I wanted to incorporate my skillsets by developing the moving website though by HTML processing. This website is showcasing the artistic journal of photography gifts by having the descriptions that help to form into visual storytelling.
So I was interested to learn about creative processing as I really like how Zach Lieberman develops generative animations though coding and I am as well interested to design websites but though developing skills with image making and videography: I like to explore creative methodologies by importing media on to the website in experimental ways.

Here are some example of inspirational websites that I like and you can click on them.
As the beginner, I wanted to learn more about front end web development. I started to understand that there are different languages for processing. Even those, I doubt that I would be trying quick like hackers you see on Mr Robot any time soon. I am confident that I can be smart with the limitations that I have with trying to learn and create something out of processing in an attempt to develop the interactive and visual outcome. 

As I wanted to learn to code, I didn't set myself on the course on what to make? I am aware it is the regard of the website or, even application maybe but, I wanted to take this opportunity to develop this as a self-proposed project and, the issue with that is I hadn't decided on a subject area of a project brief. I might like to see if I could integrate my other skillsets for project brief and perhaps make this learning opportunity to commentary on cyberspace and internet culture.​​​​​​​
HTML was a good start as It was interesting to learn that web development is involved with semantic commands and instructions. As the language of HTML is really about concerning the structure of content, I was interested in getting into CSS and Javascript but by trying to teach myself about processing.

I discover that there are a lot of online sources that can help you to learn about processing. I was using Linkedin learning and Codecademy but, I find that online resources even like the Coding Train to be very useful but unfortunately quite techy ironically. As I am traditional with my learning and so I ordered the creative processing book 'Learn to Code' from Super Hi to help gather concise guidance on front end web development as the designer.​​​​​​​
I start to make note of learning processing languages as I develop this mind map that you can properly view when clicking on image. I felt it was necessary to try and learn what is front end web development while read Learn to Code Now and gather information about other sources.
By going into making my first website and sketching up plan, I struggled to figure out what commercial led website to develop. I was interested in incorporating my skillsets, where I would either shoot my videography or search for secondary sources so that I can manipulate the footages through adobe after effects.

In seeing a website as a canvas, I think that I will consider my creative development to be the editorial and video led project. I think it would be a great idea of developing the virtual gallery; So that I would first use HTML to curate the content of the web site and then potentially link it with CSS dependably if needed.

I went out to gather content for the website while shooting footages of movements that occur in new situations and activities as I was contemplating the idea for the sense of place. As you noticed the sketch regards to converting video into the gif format: I was a concern with importing my video content on to the website. I would be aware that users would have to play each of the videos and I did not like that:  I wanted all of the videos moving on the canvas so that it can be the sensuous and visual experience. 

Black and white + Threshold with After Effects ⬇️​​​​​​​
As I owned Adobe creative cloud account, I installed Adobe Dreamweaver to use as a code editor by starting to get into processing and even those I undertook tutorials; it was the matter of practice with trying to develop the website while learning how to code.​​​​​​

It took some practice but I was able to learn processing but, admittedly, I had make some mistake that slow me down in the creative development and this project wasn't just coding: I decided to go out and shoot filming footage that would be turn into gifs for the website. 
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