Case-study - Personal Project - 2020

While studying at Chelsea, I embarked on a project exploring the process of blowing up balloons and its potential for communication. I adopted a double diamonds approach, transitioning from the act of blowing the balloon to representing a breathing heart.
To visually capture this concept, I recorded videos of balloon blowing, creatively distorting the imagery using After Effects and a green screen. On the right side, you can find sketches illustrating my planning process and videos showcasing my experimental ideas before reaching the final outcome.
I move forward into the idea of breathing itself as I use the balloon to illustrate breathing in that I formulated the idea to develop the commentary upon health issues with breathing as I replaced the sound effect of breathing of the balloon with just breathing. 
The reception towards the outcome was quite interesting as a lot of people seem to like but Joe pointed out and recommend not adding the text message at the end of the video and reason why I thought of adding it in the first place is that I was not sure if to make the outcome suitable to being advertisement but I believe I was able to communicate about breathing through this medium. 
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