I watch the Netflix documentary: The Social Dilemma and I got inspired by wanting to develop a self-proposed project surrounding interest in cyberspace. 

I wanted to try and develop a UI advertisement where I present smartphone integration with social media. As an advertisement, it is meant to subvert expectations by referring to detournement or, you can think of Adbusters if that helps.​​​​​​​
I screen recorded scrolling on my social media account and then imported it to After effects so that I can use the effect settings to manipulate the imagery of the video footage.

As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of after-effects but, I needed to push myself in using other areas of adobe after-effects than just using the effects.

I decided to want to place moving messages as the video scroll and so I start to write notes while I research online to learn of words to feature.
As I carry the process of placing distorted typography that scrolls with the background video: I started to get ready with placing the footage into the smartphone template by adding the advertising message at the bottom of the video composition.

But, I felt that something was missing to my outcome as I wanted to present interaction with social media and, it is currently just the scrolling video screen. I decided to shoot video footage of using my hands to scroll on the flat surface so that I can try to place scrolling hands over the original video.
After gathering some feedback before posting, I did agree that it was the bit tacky to have fingers scrolling on the screen but, it worth trying out different creative approaches when trying to figure out the best way to convey your outcome.
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