CLIENT: Self-Directed project.

BRIEF: Create a monograph on semiotics for my personal project. 

Utilising the grid system in InDesign, I organised the information neatly and included illustrations. I pursued a maximalist style by incorporating coloured dots over the editorial design to give it a dynamic identity.
This project started as a straightforward editorial task, but I chose to focus on semiotics, inspired by one of my main influences, Roland Barthes, who is featured in the digital publication.
Portfolio Rights: The Vendor shall retain the nonexclusive, perpetual, and worldwide right to showcase, reproduce, and distribute the designs within the Vendor's portfolio, website, third-party trade publications, awards, or exhibits. This usage is solely for the purpose of promoting and exemplifying the Vendor's work. Additionally, the Vendor shall have the right to be credited with copyright ownership and authorship of the designs in connection with such promotional use.
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